“YoungSpeakers taught me a few important skills to help with my public speaking. I learned how to speak confidently, not to mumble my words and to always maintain eye contact with my audience. After I finished my YoungSpeakers sessions, I gave my middle school graduation speech using these skills and it was a big success.”  

Miles B.

“I have never minded speaking in public but I definitely had some bad habits I needed to break. I tend to talk fast and pace when I speak. The YoungSpeakers course helped me focus on improving my physical presence while speaking. With my instructor’s help, I was able to find ways to break my bad habits and now I am a more confident speaker.”  

Dylan M.

“The classes were really fun. I really liked the games we played. It taught me to think quickly and be more comfortable standing up in front of an audience.”  

Andrew B.

“YoungSpeakers has helped me be more comfortable speaking in front of others as well as important skills that I can use for the rest of my life. The classes were really fun and it was a great way to meet other kids that have the same fear of public speaking and work together to overcome it.”

–Matthew B.

“YoungSpeakers has really helped me feel comfortable talking in front of people. It’s a great feeling!”  

–Max R.

“This class is awesome. Jessie is a great teacher. She has so much energy and is so nice.” 

–Ruth W.