Spring 2018 Session includes 9 classes (March 6-May 8th)
Tuesdays , 6-7 pm
Park City Day School, 3120 Pinebrook Rd., Park City


Welcome to YoungSpeakers, Park City’s public speaking club for students.  Whether you are fearful of public speaking or want to practice and hone your skills, YoungSpeakers provides the perfect forum.  The benefit to joining YoungSpeakers is that you have the opportunity to speak in public often, which is proven to be the most effective way to overcome your fear and become a confident and proficient public speaker and gain valuable communication skills to last a lifetime. Courses range from beginner to advanced level, with flexible dates to accommodate busy schedules.


YoungSpeakers provides a safe and supportive environment where students can practice and hone their public speaking skills. First we evaluate your speaking level and provide a group size that is comfortable for your level of confidence. We gradually increase the audience size at your pace providing encouragement and confidence as you conquer your fears along the way. We help you select speaking topics that are interesting to you while providing pointers on how to speak with ease and confidence. We laugh a lot while providing valuable input and encouragement. Since YoungSpeakers members share a common goal, we make for a compassionate and supportive audience.

  • Comfortable Setting
  • Personal Coaching
  • Video Practice
  • Peer Mentoring
  • All Comfort Levels
  • Friendly Setting